28th June 2016

Teach them to see the world through another’s eyes…

Lucy had had enough of Ellen. She had become far too bossy and wouldn’t let Lucy to play with the others girls in the playground. Lucy’s mum was worried that Ellen was too controlling and was making Lucy feel guilty. She asked me to coach Lucy to get some confidence to find new friends away from Ellen. So, in comes a bright 5 and ¾ year old Lucy to talk friendship. I ask Lucy to tell me about school, her feelings and her friendship with Ellen. Lucy says that Ellen refuses to let her play with other girls, won’t let her pick what games to play and doesn’t like her working with other kids in the classroom. It’s too much
9th January 2016

Time For A Great Year

How to inspire your child to have their best year yet! So, it’s the second week of 2016 and the kids are back at school. The holiday season is over and the sparkle and magic is all packed away. It’s time to get back into the swing and routine of school and family life. But what if this year were different. What if this year you and your kids had the best year yet! How do you make this a reality? One of the first things you can do is to get your children into the mind-set of success and happiness! Get their creative juices flowing and their thinking focused on making the most of their time on this earth!
23rd November 2015

5 Simple mind games for super kids!

Do you ever wish you could encourage your child to feel happy, optimistic, calm and centred, confident or motivated? Give these 5 simple games a whirl. 1. Ask your child to think of a time when they felt really happy. You can give some examples if they are overthinking. Ask them to step into themselves in that moment. Ask them what they see, hear and feel. Make sure you go with them on the experience by matching your body language and voice tonality! 2. Tell your child a metaphorical story about a special child that overcame a problem situation. Make it vivid, bright and emphasise that no matter how many challenges they faced, they felt happy and confident to give
25th January 2018

What is confidence?

Big subjective words like confidence are incredibly confusing for children. It’s hard for them to really comprehend what it means to be this way and more importantly how to do it. If your child does not understand what confidence is, they will find it incredibly difficult to imagine themselves being confident. Your child may be unsure of what being confident means, which adds to the stress and anxiety that they are already experiencing. They will tune into fears, digging deeper into feelings of vulnerability and low self-worth. This will then drive them back into their shell where they find some safety and familiarity. This cycle keeps them stuck and amplifies their lack of confidence and self-esteem. Seeing confidence in others
4th December 2017

Parenting a Highly Sensitive Child

Parenting a Highly Sensitive Child♥️ Parenting a highly sensitive child can be exhausting. You worry that they are not emotionally developing as they should or that their constant tears and sensitivity will leave them isolated. If your highly sensitive child is a boy, society can be challenging. Especially if they do not live up to the traditional male stereotype. The reality is that your highly sensitive child is both intuitive and brilliant. They are simply learning to navigate the world through an intense filter of sensitivity and deeper awareness. With a little understanding, you can help your child to thrive and flourish with their gift of sensitivity. Is your child sensitive to: • Others emotions, feelings or words • Change
22nd August 2017

A Parents Guide to Back to School Confidence

No parent wants to see their child struggle, especially when it involves seeing them upset and anxious at the school gates. The start of the new school year is exciting for most children, but it can also bring a lot of worry and anxiety. Even kids who are usually calm and confident can get the jitters, and may become clingier and more nervous than usual. The stress of going into a new class, starting a new school or having a different teacher can add to the emotional strain. Maybe you have noticed your child is anxious, complaining of headaches, tummy aches, mood swings or is not quite acting themselves. Kids worry about all sorts of things such as teachers, friends,
20th July 2017

#hometruths episode 2 “Why your daughter really pouts on Instagram”

#hometruths The Parenting Why’s Series – episode 2 “Why your daughter really pouts on Instagram” It’s taking over their lives! Posting, checking, getting likes and approval. It’s not just the girls. Our kids are living through the digital age of a social media takeover. They will know no different. Their lives will be charted, documented and available for all to view online. This video is all about why –https://www.facebook.com/Mindtoolsforkids/videos/1411033378988516/ We all have our views on this subject. Some parents are unfazed and see it as a normal part of growing up, but the truth is we didn’t grow up this way. This is a whole new ball game. Here are some of the reasons that this is happening, and if