22nd August 2017

A Parents Guide to Back to School Confidence

No parent wants to see their child struggle, especially when it involves seeing them upset and anxious at the school gates. The start of the new school year is exciting for most children, but it can also bring a lot of worry and anxiety. Even kids who are usually calm and confident can get the jitters, and may become clingier and more nervous than usual. The stress of going into a new class, starting a new school or having a different teacher can add to the emotional strain. Maybe you have noticed your child is anxious, complaining of headaches, tummy aches, mood swings or is not quite acting themselves. Kids worry about all sorts of things such as teachers, friends,
2nd February 2017

Can your kids cope with failure?

22nd July 2016

25 Super Summer Holiday Activities that are kind to their mind and your pocket!

Well, the Summer holidays are here and so is the added pressure to create amazing memories and entertainment around the clock. Many of us parents still have work pressures, chores and errands galore to add to the mix, which can add to our time pressure and guilt. Some of the best memories are made with pure creativity not money. To save you some much needed time and energy, here are 25 activity ideas to save your sanity, boost their brainpower and save your pocket! Enjoy! Confidence boosting crafts Harry Potters positivity spells. Create your own magic book of positivity spells in your very own spell book. This is such great fun and really fun to do. Think of as many ways to
9th January 2016

Time For A Great Year

How to inspire your child to have their best year yet! So, it’s the second week of 2016 and the kids are back at school. The holiday season is over and the sparkle and magic is all packed away. It’s time to get back into the swing and routine of school and family life. But what if this year were different. What if this year you and your kids had the best year yet! How do you make this a reality? One of the first things you can do is to get your children into the mind-set of success and happiness! Get their creative juices flowing and their thinking focused on making the most of their time on this earth!