20th July 2017

#hometruths episode 2 “Why your daughter really pouts on Instagram”

#hometruths The Parenting Why’s Series – episode 2 “Why your daughter really pouts on Instagram” It’s taking over their lives! Posting, checking, getting likes and approval. It’s not just the girls. Our kids are living through the digital age of a social media takeover. They will know no different. Their lives will be charted, documented and available for all to view online. This video is all about why –https://www.facebook.com/Mindtoolsforkids/videos/1411033378988516/ We all have our views on this subject. Some parents are unfazed and see it as a normal part of growing up, but the truth is we didn’t grow up this way. This is a whole new ball game. Here are some of the reasons that this is happening, and if
18th July 2017

#hometruths The Parenting Why’s Series – episode 1 “Why do your kids hate each other?”

#hometruths Ah yes even the word hometruth is enough to make most recoil. Our culture is great at that behind closed doors thing, We don’t share the misery and we certainly don’t discuss family business. Actually I think facebook put paid to that. (Oh I love old odd sayings) Over sharing is caring. So in the spirit of my new Parenting Why’s Series – it’s time to ask an oldy but a goody…. ‘Why do your kids hate each other?’ Prefer video? Watch here https://www.facebook.com/Mindtoolsforkids/videos/1409004415858079/ Why do your kids compete, jostle, argue and generally act like they hate each other? Well, there are few key reasons why and they may not be what you think… 1. Most kids, (actually most