4th December 2017

Parenting a Highly Sensitive Child

Parenting a Highly Sensitive Child♥️ Parenting a highly sensitive child can be exhausting. You worry that they are not emotionally developing as they should or that their constant tears and sensitivity will leave them isolated. If your highly sensitive child is a boy, society can be challenging. Especially if they do not live up to the traditional male stereotype. The reality is that your highly sensitive child is both intuitive and brilliant. They are simply learning to navigate the world through an intense filter of sensitivity and deeper awareness. With a little understanding, you can help your child to thrive and flourish with their gift of sensitivity. Is your child sensitive to: • Others emotions, feelings or words • Change
17th May 2017

SPARK! Ignite your child’s super confidence!

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2nd February 2017

Time to have a super day at school! Get them in their magic bubble!

2nd February 2017

We can’t be happy all the time! It’s impossible!