New workshop programme for 2018

We are pleased to offer live workshops to children in Surrey. Not only are the sessions full of fun but they are jam packed with awesome Mind Tools for Kids.  

Workshop Schedule coming soon

Here are some of the many benefits that the children experience

·         How to set their day up for a positive experience

·         Relax their mind and let go and manage stress

·         Easy ways to relax retain information for tests and exams

·        Speak up and communicate confidently

·         Learn powerful affirmations that encourage happiness and gratitude

·         Build a positive self-image from the inside out

·         Boost self-esteem and stand up to bullies

·         Let go unhelpful and limiting beliefs

·         Express their emotions and raise their self awareness

·         Learn to visualise and spark creative thinking

·         Practise solution focused language

·         Build upon strengths and their unique skills and abilities

·         Develop a growth mindset focus on learning and improving

·         Learn to embrace change with ease and without anxiety

·         Improve friendships and build rapport easily

·         Confident body language and self-awareness

Sutton, Epsom and Carshalton

Please contact to be placed on the waiting list 

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