Welcome to SPARK- a 6-week programme to ignite your child’ super confidence! 


This programme is built around a unique methodology that incorporates 3 powerful principles.

My 3-step system – Build, Believe, Brilliance. It will get you the results you need. You can help your child discover and build upon their own unique strengths, to believe in their ability and to have the confidence to live a brilliant and happy life.

The system is simple, easy, and will improve your relationship with your child. In 6 weeks, your child’s life will transform and they will have the inner and outer confidence to be all that they can be.


BUILD In Week 1 and 2 your child will:

  • discover and identify their own unique strengths and talents
  • develop and build new positive thought strategies that will improve their thinking
  • learn and practice new confident behaviours and body language to boost their self-image

BELIEVE In Week 3 and 4 your child will:

  • let go of unhelpful beliefs and patterns that hold them back
  • learn new powerful beliefs that will supercharge their self-esteem
  • design their own anchor for super confidence so they can face any challenge with ease

BRILLIANCE In Week 5 and 6 your child will:

  • create their own personal recipe for inner brilliance that will make them shine brightly
  • cement the strategies that make confidence stick so that they continue to grow
  • unlock their potential by visualising and planning their own confident future

Happy and confident life

When parents are asked what they want for their children, confidence is number one on the list. It’s easy to understand why. It is at the very heart of happiness and self-acceptance. The great new is, confidence isn’t fixed, it can grow and develop. And if it does, children are more likely to have fulfilling lives.

This course is designed to give you the practical tools you need to help your child boost their confidence. Each module will introduce a way to build and develop confidence and self-esteem. You can work through each module with your child or use the videos with each downloadable worksheet.

On completing this course your child will:

• Have a positive and confident image of themselves
• Be proud of their achievements
• Be able to change to a positive state
• Try new things and adapt to change
• Make friends easily and not be anxious with new people
• Solve problems on their own, and also be able to ask for help
• believe in their own ability to do things
• have a genuine sense of their own worth
• Be comfortable with new experiences and feel optimistic about life

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