1st December 2015

Memory Super Charge!

We all know that having a great memory is an extremely helpful thing to have. Remembering what we need to do, people’s names, dates of anniversaries and information about friends and families have great social benefits. Turning up to a test or exam safe in the knowledge and comfort that all the information is there, well what a relief! But if you weren’t born with a magical memory and barely remember your own phone number, how can you help your kids to master the skill? The great thing is that with a little practice you can learn some fantastically easy memory techniques that not only will your kids love, but you will benefit from too! Here is another simple ways
11th May 2015

Memory champion in 5 minutes

Eight times world memory champion, Dominic O’Brien, believes that most of us have the potential to become ‘memory champions’.  He says that memory depends on three simple processes;  making something memorable, storing that item in the mind and recalling it accurately at some future time. By developing the key skills of association, location and imagination we can experience dramatic improvements in our ability to memorise. What a relief! Great memory skills can be learnt and they can be fun, imaginative and with practice, mastered. Great memory strategies are incredibly valuable especially for our children. At Christmas time, my 4 year old daughter was immensely frustrated when she couldn’t remember what she had unwrapped on Christmas morning. The more she attempted