14th May 2016

Happy National Children’s Day 2016!

Happy National Children’s Day 2016. There are some fantastic events taking place all over the UK in honour of National Children’s Day. Children are a gift, and their happiness, development and quality of life are so important. Please access your free copy of Smart Strategies and Top Tips for Parents as our gift to you.
1st December 2015

Memory Super Charge!

We all know that having a great memory is an extremely helpful thing to have. Remembering what we need to do, people’s names, dates of anniversaries and information about friends and families have great social benefits. Turning up to a test or exam safe in the knowledge and comfort that all the information is there, well what a relief! But if you weren’t born with a magical memory and barely remember your own phone number, how can you help your kids to master the skill? The great thing is that with a little practice you can learn some fantastically easy memory techniques that not only will your kids love, but you will benefit from too! Here is another simple ways
9th November 2015

Ditch the shopping list!

Children learn like sponges and soak up as much as they possibly can in their new and expanding environments. Now is the time to teach them simple ways to supercharge their memory and retain information easily and effectively.  Just think of how easy exams, tests and managing their lives will be with a Sherlock Holmes style magic memory! The great thing is that the younger they are, the easier they find it to learn creatively. They are wired to do so! One really easy way to quickly show children the power of their memory is to teach them the body system. This works by creating association between our body parts and items on a list. A dose of imagination will
7th November 2015

2 minute memory miracle!

Every parent wants their child to have an amazing memory. Classroom learning, exams and getting through life in general is so much easier when the information goes in and stays. Children have so much to remember and take in from the environment around them. How do we help them learn to remember in a fun and exciting way? It is so much easier for kids to remember things when there is an association.  I sat and did an experiment with my daughter and a friend yesterday. I printed off some pictures that contained about 30 different items on each. After studying the pictures the children were asked to list what they remembered. On average they remembered 5 or so items.