23rd November 2015

5 Simple mind games for super kids!

Do you ever wish you could encourage your child to feel happy, optimistic, calm and centred, confident or motivated? Give these 5 simple games a whirl. 1. Ask your child to think of a time when they felt really happy. You can give some examples if they are overthinking. Ask them to step into themselves in that moment. Ask them what they see, hear and feel. Make sure you go with them on the experience by matching your body language and voice tonality! 2. Tell your child a metaphorical story about a special child that overcame a problem situation. Make it vivid, bright and emphasise that no matter how many challenges they faced, they felt happy and confident to give
9th November 2015

Ditch the shopping list!

Children learn like sponges and soak up as much as they possibly can in their new and expanding environments. Now is the time to teach them simple ways to supercharge their memory and retain information easily and effectively.  Just think of how easy exams, tests and managing their lives will be with a Sherlock Holmes style magic memory! The great thing is that the younger they are, the easier they find it to learn creatively. They are wired to do so! One really easy way to quickly show children the power of their memory is to teach them the body system. This works by creating association between our body parts and items on a list. A dose of imagination will