22nd July 2016

25 Super Summer Holiday Activities that are kind to their mind and your pocket!

Well, the Summer holidays are here and so is the added pressure to create amazing memories and entertainment around the clock. Many of us parents still have work pressures, chores and errands galore to add to the mix, which can add to our time pressure and guilt. Some of the best memories are made with pure creativity not money. To save you some much needed time and energy, here are 25 activity ideas to save your sanity, boost their brainpower and save your pocket! Enjoy! Confidence boosting crafts Harry Potters positivity spells. Create your own magic book of positivity spells in your very own spell book. This is such great fun and really fun to do. Think of as many ways to
30th April 2015

5 tips for a super family day out!

  5 tips for a super family day out! Give clean and clear instruction to child about the behaviour you want rather than what you don’t want. ‘I would like you to read and colour in the car, sharing your books with your brother’. Rather than, ‘don’t keep asking for things and no fighting over the colouring books with your brother’. Give your children an understanding of what to expect while you are out so they are prepared. This may include, we will queue to see animals, or you will wait your turn for a go on the slide. Mapping out the structure of the day will help them too. We will travel in the car for a couple of