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The mental health of children as young as six is being blighted by exam stress, education staff have told the Association of Teachers and Lecturers.

Of 420 ATL members who responded to a poll, almost half said pupils in their school had self-harmed – and 89% said testing was the main source of stress.Some staff said they were aware of pupils attempting suicide – and 18 of these were in primary schools. The government says children’s mental health is a priority.

Teaching staff complained the pressure placed on children of 10 and 11 by end of primary school tests was “excessive”. Others blamed the government for raising the stakes on testing and exams, affecting some of the youngest children in their schools.

“Mental health issues are probably our biggest barrier to academic progress,” said the head of a Norfolk primary school, ahead of the second day of debate at the ATL’s annual conference in Liverpool.

“As head of school I am spending more and more of my time supporting children with mental health issues,” added the head, who added that the member of staff responsible for pastoral care was “now snowed under”.


Workshops that support the amazing work that you already do

Help your students learn strategies to relieve stress and pressure. Calm the classroom and create a peaceful environment in a simple and fun way by promoting mindfulness and wellbeing. Motivate and engage your students to learn and grow. A positive mindset will set them up to achieve and shine in all areas of life. By building their confidence and self-belief, tests and exams will be less stressful.

Workshops are
• Tailored to school specifications and needs
• Sessions between 30 and 60 minutes
• Content adapted to class age and size
• Practical and engaging learning experience
• Simple and fun content that gets results quickly.

Workshops are built around the 5 key areas:

Here are some of the many learning outcomes that children experience:

• How to set the day up for positive outcomes
• Use metaphor to relax the mind and let go of unhelpful inner chatter
• Easy ways to practise mindfulness
• Explore ways to reconnect with grounding
• Learn powerful beliefs and affirmations that encourage happiness and gratitude
• Build a positive self-image from the inside out
• Boost self-esteem and inspire confidence
• Let go unhelpful and limiting beliefs
• Tackle bullying and create a safe, inclusive environment
• Learn to visualise and spark creative thinking
• Practise solution focused language
• Build upon strengths and their unique skills and abilities
• Develop a growth mindset to focus on learning and improving
• Learn to embrace change with ease and without anxiety
• Improve friendships and build rapport easily
• Confident body language and self-awareness


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